Birdwatching Log for Kids

Using a bird log when birdwatching, serves several purposes. Firstly, writing down information about a bird will aid in the observers memory of it. Secondly, the information gathered can then be used to identify the bird, if not already known. Birdwatching logs also help the birdwatcher document certain details about when and where a particular bird was spotted. Details, such as the date, time of day, and the weather conditions the bird was found in will increase the chances of the birdwatcher locating that particular bird again. Most importantly though, keeping a bird log will encourage the viewer to be actively engaged in nature. And this, especially for the young bird watcher, is where the fun is at!

The following bird logs were created by us here at Bird Agent and are offered free to you. Two logs are available; each specific to the writing and reading level of the child. Read each description to find the bird log appropriate for your young birder.

Bird Agent Bird Log #1–This birdwatching log is for young birders who are learning how to read and write. The date, weather conditions, and time of day are given in pictorial form, so the recorder can simply circle their choice. A space for a personal drawing is provided as well as a space for any personal notes about what is observed.

Bird Agent Bird Log#2–This log is appropriate for young birders who are able to read, write using small print, and document specific details about the day, location, the bird’s appearance as well as its behavior. The printout includes two copies of the log.