Bird Agent

Bird Watching with Kids

What is a Bird Agent?

A bird agent is a special agent that knows all about birds. If you enjoy birding and learning about birds through reading books, watching nature videos, and by observing birds when on nature walks then you can become a bird agent too! Bird agents also help to preserve the natural habitats that keep birds happy, healthy, and safe from harmful environmental factors caused by humans. Join our special team of bird agents and share information on the birds you find in your community. Your sketches, field notes, and pictures are welcome here! You’ll even have the opportunity to earn the bird agent badge!

Our Favorite Birds

The life of a bird agent requires patience, stillness, and smarts. Tracking a bird is hard work — but watching bird is a real treat. First, you need to know the different types of birds so you can identify them and know what to look for. Birds have so many different feathers, sizes, shapes, sounds, and habitats. Watching birds requires serious bird knowledge. Only the best bird watchers can earn the bird agent badge.

The Bluebird

Known for their bright, blue color and beautiful song, these gentle birds are held in high regard.

The Bald Eagle

Chosen in 1782 to be the national bird of the United States, the Bald Eagle is recognized by its size and power.

The Spotted Owl

With its gentle look and deep hooting calls, this species is now endangered in the Pacific Northwest.

Our Favorite Tools

After gaining the right amount of bird brains you’ll need a few simple bird watching tools. One of the most important tools is a sketch book so you can take field notes. Tracking when and where you find the birds will help you find more birds — probably back in the same place too. I track everything I can and draw pictures to help me remember details. I would say a good pair of binoculars is a must have too. Binoculars are helpful for those shy birds that you can get close to.


Binoculars are a must-have tool for taking your bird watching to the next level. Take a peek at our top picks.

Field Bag

As an avid birdwatcher, you’re going to need some help carrying your instruments. Find your perfect Bird Agent Field Bag.


Photograph your beautiful feathered friends and enjoy them for a lifetime. We’ve captured the best cameras for birdwatching.

Young Birders

Our goal here at Bird Agent is to inspire a love of nature and the birds found within it. We love birding with our children and hope that our bird watching resources for kids will not only teach you and your little ones about the various kinds of birds, but encourage you to develop birdwatching as a fun pastime to enjoy together.

Bird Log for Kids

Every good Bird Agent keeps a bird log. Access free, printable birdwatching logs for kids tailored to various ages.

Bird Coloring Pages

We have free, printable coloring pages that feature a variety of birds. Images are drawn realistically in black and white.

Bird Crafts

Gone bird crazy? Why not create your own bird-inspired crafts to decorate both the indoors and out with these fun and kid-friendly projects.